2024 Top 20 Qualifiers

(January 1 to December 31, 2023)

Top 20 Males

    1. GCHS CH Touche & Infinitistar’s The Puppet Master – P Hill, J Martenson
    2. GCHG CH We-Syng Chrischin Lucky Liam – J Huff, N Wright, P Lejman, P Lejman
    3. GCHS CH Touche Hi N Mai-T At Chic – J Martenson, V Dovellos
    4. GCHB CH Royalsilk’s You Oughta Know – D Gutierrez, W Schieler, K Bakker
    5. GCHS CH Two Oaks Southern Comfort At Sonsets – J Welsh, R Welsh, R Aldridge
    6. GCHS CH Touche Beck And Call – M Fittje, R Baggenstos, J Martenson
    7. GCHS CH Simpatico Star Spangled Banner – P Holzkopf, M Holzkopf
    8. GCHG CH Touche’s Truth Be Told – D Martenson, P Hill
    9. GCHB CH Ni Kokoro The Last Samurai – S Collands, C Ryan
    10. GCHG CH Mc’s Musashi Poker Face – M Armstrong, C Armstrong
    11. GCHB CH Midwood Mandarin – S Imler
    12. GCHS CH Dizzy In The Limelight – D Stevenson, M Schmidt
    13. GCH CH Touche’s Incognito – C Couture
    14. GCH CH Kalor Twisting The Night Away At Dunkirk – R Winters, T Ball, T Reese
    15. CH Sharlarna Wardlord – M Huggins
    16. GCH CH Poolside Oh Henry – M Conway
    17. GCH CH Cherbo’s Rauree The Red King – C Boice, N Stedman
    18. CH Chic Louis Vuitton – V Dovellos
    19. GCH CH Teabear’s 4 & 20 Blackbirds – L Kopatch
    20. GCHB CH Hillview Yokozuma Aka Bruce Senzan – C Anderson, S Lawrence

Top 20 Females

    1. GCHG CH Tacori Cin-Don Anamaechin – D Gutierrez, B Merritt, W Schieler, K Bakker
    2. GCHS CH Touche Unimaginable – I Wood, D Martenson
    3. GCH CH Touche’s Ruffled Feathers O’Cuana – S Marie Cooney
    4. GCHB CH Slr Diamonds Are Forever – D McCord
    5. GCH CH Musashi Girl Crush – W Doss
    6. GCH CH Megumi Miracle Edition – P Holzkopf, M Holzkopf, J Baumer
    7. GCH CH Asans Desert Star – C Suvoski, A Sanders
    8. CH Cherbo’s Princess Ella’s @We-Syng &Sonset – N Wright, J Welsh
    9. CH Golden Mallow Goscinska Przystan – C Kunert, O Baber, D Paulie
    10. CH Rochan’s Under The Angels Wing – B Peterson Paur
    11. GCH CH Slr Tacori Celebrachin – R Agrue, J Lockyer
    12. GCH CH Chic Sippin Mai Tais At Harten – S Svoboda
    13. GCH CH Njoy’s If Looks Could Kill – L Turner
    14. CH Touche’s Moulin Rouge At Dragonquest – H Ledesma, J Martenson
    15. Kalor Last Dance – K Sepulveda
    16. Camelot’s Mae West At Willowood – S Warfield
    17. CH Touche Honey Trap – J Martenson
    18. CGCH CH Slo Dog’s Hunka Monka – A Goble, M Goble
    19. Touche Chacha Of Agonistes – J Ramirez, K White
    20. CH Mystike’s Practical Majick – O Gonzalez, J Gonzalez

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