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JCCA Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

August 2019

This Code of Ethics (COE) presents guidelines for members of the Japanese Chin Club of America (JCCA), whose foremost purpose in coming together to participate in the parent breed club is the welfare, protection, and improvement of the Japanese Chin. The purpose of the COE is to set forth minimum standards to which the JCCA expects its members to adhere as they strive to accomplish the goals set forth in the constitution and bylaws. It is impossible, as well as unnecessary, to legally restrict or dictate the activities of club members or to expect a code of ethics to be policed or strictly enforced. Rather, compliance with the COE must come from responsible members who comply with pride due to a sincere love of our breed. The COE consists of guidelines which set us apart from mere breeders or owners of Japanese Chin. It should be pointed out that blatant disregard for the COE, resulting in behavior prejudicial to the best interests of the breed or the club could be addressed by disciplinary action under Article VI of the bylaws. The COE, however, is not designed to be used as a threat against individual members. It is intended to guide us in our dealings with each other and our actions as protectors, breeders, and representatives of our wonderful breed – the Japanese Chin.

As a member of the Japanese Chin Club of America, I agree as follows:

  1. I will abide by all AKC rules and regulations, and I will keep accurate records as required by the AKC.
  2. I will do my utmost to breed conscientiously, mindful of the breed standard at all times, and to abide by and uphold the principles of the JCCA constitution, bylaws, and the COE.
  3. To the best of my ability, I will remain aware of inherent physical problems in the breed and will make a conscious effort to avoid breeding a dog or bitch that has obvious physical or structural problems, as determined by appropriate screening protocols that may affect the well being of offspring.
  4. I will not breed, or breed to, an unregistered dog or bitch, and I will not intentionally use immature dogs or bitches in my breeding program.
  5. I will continually provide a wholesome and appropriate diet, exercise, and veterinary care to all my Japanese Chin, paying special attention during gestation, whelping, and lactation. I will give puppies quality health care, nutrition, and proper socialization to accustom them to human contact.
  6. Except for unusual situations, I will not release a puppy to its new home prior to ten (10) weeks of age. As the seller, I will furnish the buyer with recommendations on feeding, dates of inoculations, worming, and general care of the puppy. AKC registration papers or a copy of the litter application or a bill of sale (AKC recommends with specific identifying information and signatures of buyer and seller) will accompany the puppy as it goes to its new home. When listing a puppy with limited registration, I will explain the meaning of the term to the buyer and make sure he or she understands the restriction.
  7. For each sale or service, I will make an agreement with the buyer; all terms of the agreement are between the buyer and the seller. All circumstances of a return will be between the buyer and the seller. The agreement will also state that if the buyer cannot keep the puppy for any reason, I or my representative, must be notified so that I have the first chance to take the puppy back or to aid in re-homing it. I will use my best efforts to be available to my puppy buyers to give advice or to act as mentor when appropriate.
  8. I will not sell or otherwise release any Japanese Chin to any commercial facilities (such as USDA) or kennel auction, puppy broker, pet shop, or their agents. I will use care in screening potential homes for all my puppies to the best of my ability. I will not intentionally breed to another breed, and I will try to ensure that none of my Chin are sold with the intention to breed to other breeds to create a mixed breed or “designer” dog. In addition, I will not offer any Japanese Chin for raffle, auction, or as a prize in any giveaway scheme.
  9. I will always bear in mind that the JCCA is a non-profit organization and that no one shall profit financially from that membership.
  10. As a member, I will at all times display good sportsmanship and conduct. I will treat all present, including competitors, judges, officials, and spectators, with respect and courtesy. This includes respect for show sites, national specialty and overflow facilities, internet forums, lists, and other social media. I will conduct myself at all times in a manner that reflects well on the Japanese Chin breed and the JCCA. I will work for the betterment of the club and the breed to the best of my ability, and I will encourage others to do likewise.

Disclaimer: The above code is meant to serve as a guideline only. Not to be used as a threat against individual members. It is intended to guide us in our dealings with each other and our actions as protectors.