The Japanese Chin is a breed with roots deep in the royalty of both the Chinese and Japanese Courts. You will find that your Chin’s regal ancestry still is apparent as these little dogs often display a noble or haughty air. Chin are basically good natured, sensitive creatures that reflect the atmosphere around them. If your home is full of light and noise, your Chin will most likely be outgoing. If your life tends to be solitary and quiet, your Chin will be likely to be quiet and reserved.

Chin are often cat-like in attitude with an ability to climb that is surely unmatched in few other breeds of dogs! Most Chin find their favorite “spot” in the house on the back of the sofa or chair. Also, like cats, Chin tend to groom themselves by licking their paws and rubbing their faces. This has been known to cause the occasional hairball!

Chin often “snizzle” or snort. This is not a sign of a “cold” or other impending illness. The snizzling (blowing hard out of their nose, accompanied by a fine mist) is a result of the animal’s flat face. Chin also reverse sneeze (a honking sound). Although they seem almost unable to breathe, they are not in any distress. If this happens to your pet, many breeders apply gentle pressure on their rib cages or simply stroke their neck.

A Chin owner should always remember to supply plenty of ventilation and fresh water during warm weather because Chin are very sensitive to heat and humidity.