The Japanese Chin is a dainty and stylish dog that is usually between 8 to 11 inches tall and can be as small as four pounds or as much as fifteen pounds. The height and weight should be proportional. Their coat is semi-long, straight, and silky. They carry a heavy ruff at the chest and pants in the rear. The tail should be carried up over their back with long profuse feathering. Once your pet is spayed or neutered their coat will become even more luxurious! Remember, your Chin will not have an adult coat until it is more than a year old. In its “teen” stage (7-9 months) it’s likely to be almost naked! Chin come in a variety of colors: black and white, red and white (the shading runs from lemon to sable to mahogany), and black and white with tan points (also referred to as tri colored). The color should be evenly distributed in patches over the body and in a symmetrical mask over the eyes and ears. The body is square looking and compact. The head is large with a short muzzle and wide set round eyes.