Parent Club-Approved Mentor & Education Seminar Presenter Application

This application is for (Check one):

1. Presenter/Mentor must be a member in good standing of the JCCA for a minimum of six years.

2. Presenter/Mentor meets one of the following qualifications, A or B:

A. Must have bred five litters of Japanese Chin whelped in their household

B. Must be an AKC judge of Japanese Chin

3. Presenter/Mentor must have attended an Educational Seminar on the Japanese Chin standard

Presenters/Mentors are recommended by either the JCCA President or JCCA Education Chair, and voted upon by the JCCA board. Potential Presenters and/or Mentors who meet requirements 2A or 2B may also apply directly to the board using this board-approved application. If you are interested in becoming a Parent Club-Approved JCCA Mentor and/or Presenter, please contact the JCCA President or Education Chair to have your name presented to the board, or fill out this application.

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