Top 20 Competition

Purpose of the Top 20 Competition

To encourage the exhibition of Japanese Chin in Conformation classes and to promote an educational experience for judges, exhibitors, breeders, and fanciers.  This event provides special recognition to those dogs with the most outstanding competitive records, as well as their breeders, owners, and handlers.  It should also provide incentive to strive for a Japanese Chin that embodies excellence in type, temperament, structure, and soundness according to the Breed Standard.  This event is held annually in conjunction with the National Specialty and remains diligent in its mission to include and recognize individual levels of outstanding achievement.

The Uniqueness of the Event

The event offers all who attend a chance to view “The cream of the crop.”

Participants will be evaluated by three unique judges using a scorecard of an assigned scale of points in a variety of categories which is based on salient breed-specific characteristics as they are outlined and prioritized in the Breed Standard.  The dog is evaluated according to how closely it conforms to the ideal in the judge’s opinion.  The exhibits are observed from a positive perspective by the invited judges. The event is educational, promoting a discussion of the Breed Standard while recognizing and encouraging a variety of opinions.


Selected judges’ names are kept strictly confidential until the day of the event.  The Committee Chair selects one individual judge from each of the following categories:

  1. Breeder: An established breeder who has been breeding for at least 5 years or who has produced at least 5 AKC conformation Champions.
  2. Handler: A past or present professional handler having credibility in the breed.
  3. AKC Approved Judge: An AKC judge approved for the Japanese Chin, preferably with other breeds within the Top Group.

People’s Choice Award

All event spectators will receive a JCCA Top Twenty People’s Choice Ballot and will cast their vote for their “Best Chin.”  This award will be announced after the Top Twenty Winner.  Both winners will receive rosettes.


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Owners – Jason Huff & Nanette Wright
Breeders – Nanette Wright,
Christian Disabato & Brian Tipton
Judges – Geno Sisneros,
Christine Palmer & Luke Ehricht

Owners – M. Schmidt, M. Woolridge,
J. Stevens & L. White
Breeders – Marisa Schmidt & Lisa White
Judges – Michele Blake,
Cindy Huggins & Tara Richardson

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